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J Boats New Boat Models

Sailing for Life

Sailing is the ultimate freedom, the experience of being at one with nature and the sea, powered only by the wind and one’s imagination. It’s one of the few “life sports” that offers both a relaxing escape as well as an invigorating challenge. You pick your level of comfort and excitement. Sailing is never the same twice – each time on the water is a unique adventure that can enrich friendships, strengthen family ties, and refresh one’s own sense of well-being. How many other outdoor activities can be shared with three or more family generations?  It’s been said there are two types of sailors in the world – the young and the young-at-heart. How great is that?

What a Difference a J Makes

Fulfilling those sailing dreams starts with finding a boat that fits you – whether you aspire to sail close to home, cruise to distant shores, or take up the challenge of competitive sailing. Performance differences between sailboats are greater than differences between golf clubs, tennis rackets, skis or cars. There aren’t many wooden or metal tennis rackets, skis or golf clubs in use anymore. That’s because newer designs that perform better and are easier to use are MORE FUN!  A well designed sailboat, like a good sports car, is an extension of its owner. It could take years of sailing other boats to learn the difference that good design and quality make to one’s sailing enjoyment. Or you can save time and take advantage of what we’ve learned and designed into every “J.” We invite you to explore our site to learn more, or contact us for more information

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2017 J Boats J/122E
2017 J Boats J/111
2017 J Boats J/112E
2017 J Boats J/105
2017 J Boats J/100
2017 J Boats J/97E
2017 J Boats J/88
2017 J Boats J/80
2017 J Boats J/24
2017 J Boats J/70
2017 J Boats J/22

Racers and Cruisers

2017 J Boats J/95